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Barbara H. Rabkin

My art is my personal and ongoing act of creation.

It’s a very good day when I have a project in process.

I love color. I love to try new media and see how I can get comfortable working in new ways - acrylics, watercolors, oils, pencil, collages, mosaics, clay, textiles, even bread dough! Whatever the media, I approach the creative process with spontaneity, energy, and a sense of fun and adventure. 

Making art enables me to rise above or beyond personal or societal stresses, to focus on the healing process of creation. 

Creation - the world’s oldest story - is what I love to do.  

A message to my Granddaughters:

This digital diary of my art is for you.

I have been blessed to be a mother, and to be your grandmother. I have been blessed to make a mark for good on the communities where I have lived. I have been blessed with an urge to create- Artist, Crafter, Maker, Baker - finding joy in trying new means of expression. 

My hope is that you will live full and meaningful lives with your eyes, mind and heart wide open, and bravely make your own true mark.

Welcome to My Life (so far) in Color. 


Born in Atlantic City NJ in 1945

Childhood in Cincinnati OH

Carmel Valley, San Diego CA 2017-present

Boquete, Panama 2008-2017

Cincinnati OH 1973-2008

Israel 1970-72

George Washington University BA Political Science 1967

Columbia University BScNursing 1974

Married to Morton Rabkin in 1973 (deceased 2016)

3 sons and 3 grandchildren


Celebrating my 75th birthday

with my San Diego granddaughters Jolene and Talia